Areas of Activity

Areas of Activity


consens provides support to companies in four areas of action - Company Development, Personnel Development, Project Management, and Process Optimization - and combines consultancy approaches from various disciplines in doing so.

Business management instruments are a diagnostic means of identifying the situation in which a company find itself. They are essential for determining the activities and products with which money is earned and whether resources are being used in an (economically) sensible manner. They reveal areas where action is required, but fall short of the mark when it is a question of developing meaningful and practicable perspectives for change. This requires a more comprehensive view of a company.

Companies are not smoothly functioning gear systems in which a unified will is implemented more or less seamlessly from the top downwards. Rather, they are the scene of interactions aimed at achieving professional interests and asserting views. Organisational-sociological approaches to consultancy direct attention to how a balance of interests and views can be brought about.

Staff and management personnel themselves often approach managers with the expectation that the latter should not only set targets but also be in a position to derive from the targets compelling strategies and plans which are above all doubt. Organizational-psychological approaches to problem-solving and decision-making make clear why it is not due to the inability of individual persons when this expectation all too often meets with disappointment, and the causes are to be sought in basic limitations of the human ability to process information and to solve problems.