Hartmut Paul

Before founding consens, Hartmut Paul spent ten years in the area of organizational and personnel development at the University of Münster's Medical Faculty, Philips GmbH, and in Ford plants.

He also has experience with automobile manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers as well as in the worlds of finance and the insurance business, the consumer goods industry, and the energy sector. He is familiar with both the structures and principles of major international companies and the special circumstances of small and medium-sized companies. As a diploma'd psychologist, he specializes in organizational development projects involving issues like project and process management, quality management, Simultaneous Engineering, or the introduction of semiautonomous groups in the production area.

Hartmut Paul uses his psychological training to good effect in putting persistent, sometimes even uncomfortable questions. His clients prize his ability to think and act "out of the box", his readiness to put himself in their shoes and his ability to put his finger on the important points.

His working languages are German, English and French.